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The Ames Area Amateur Astronomers is a dynamic organization with activities held year-round. Each month at our meeting we present a guest speaker, with exciting lectures about space and astronomy. 

   November 21st  Meeting

Globular clusters are spherical collections of stars that orbit galaxies. These beautiful objects are a favorite target for backyard telescopes and star parties. A globular cluster may have anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of stars packed into a (relatively) small space. Our Milky Way galaxy has about 160 known globulars orbiting around it currently. Some other galaxies such as the Andromeda galaxy have several hundred. Globular clusters are in many ways mysterious. The stars inside tend to be very old, some perhaps as old or older than their host galaxy. Astronomers don't know for sure how they formed and how they evolved over time. So there's lots of opportunities for research into their nature. Join us as we explore these beautiful enigmas that dance around our galaxy and other galaxies. If it's clear, we'll go out afterward and view some of them up close (at least virtually!) and personal.


Check out Spaceweather for the latest news and information.
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The Iowa Star Party will be held August 13-17th this year. Registration form can be accessed at www.amesastronomers.com/iowastarparty.


On Sunday night, November 23rd the auroras broke out over Norway.

Check out the aurora activity for your location.

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